We believe in that “No Compliance, No Business” the sustainability team of our manufacturing companies ensure that throughout the organizations there are no violation of CoC/CoE and the clauses of the Law of the Land. Our aims to ensure sustainable system, capacity, well infrastructure, safe and secured working environment & financially secured society by monitoring, taking proper action proportionate to risk & evaluating the overall supply chain for ensuring long term profit and business of all stakeholders.

Our team focuses, encourages and behave in very proactive manner to achieve the target sustainability. We believe in the driving ownership, support beyond compliance, sustainability driven business performance and thus achieving some extra miles. However, our business activities are always being monitored by compliance department. This is a reflection of very high commitment of management to ensure an outstanding global ethical standard within the business and trade.

Our manufacturing factories are extremely committed to ensure environmental safety & security. We have already implemented various policies in our manufacturing units to ensure safe and healthy workplace. Our one of the prime priority is the protection of the environment, conservation of energy and natural resources are our priority. The monitoring body has been formed with the aim of ensuring that our working policies and decisions are focused not only towards protection of the environment but also towards minimization of waste generation and optimum resource consumption.

Furthermore, we have fulfilled all the environmental rules and regulations of the RMG (Ready Made Garments) industry and an EMS (Environmental Management System) has also been established.

Head Office:

House 16, Road 13,

Sector 4, Uttara,

Dhaka 1230


London Office:

Kemp House

160 City Road

London EC1V 2NX

United Kingdom

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